New regulations for closure of mountain, coastal and forest areas due to the risk of fire during the summer months (1 July till 15 September).

Due to the great risk of forest fires during the summer months, new regulations came into force during the spring of 2013 making it more difficult to plan for summer hiking.

The new regulations makes all areas within Bouche du Rhone and Vaucluse subject for immediate closure depending on conditions like heat and strong winds etc. After 6pm (18h) on the day before your hike, you therefore need to call +33 8 1120 1313 (Bouche du Rhone) or +33 4 2831 7711 (Vaucluse) for exact information for the area you plan to walk in during the period 15th June till 15th September. Unless the conditions are very difficult, however, you are allowed morning hikes in most areas (till 11 am). Tap for English language!

To avoid these regulations, you could decide to hike outside Bouche du Rhone and Vaucluse. You could do canoeing in the Ardeche or on Lac Esparron (see Outdoor Activities under Canoeing). There are also 3 different type canyons that are excellent for hiking and for a bit of swimming during the summer months: Gorge de Ardeche (see Excursion 6), Gorge de Trevans (see Excursion 7) or Gorge de Verdon (see Excursion 8).

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