The medieval village of Cucuron is situated at the foot of the Luberon mountain's southern side, half an hour's drive north of Aix-en-Provence. Avignon, Arles, Iles-sur-la-Sorge, Gordes, Roussillon, Les Beaux and Marseille on the Mediterranean Sea and the airport are all only 1 hour away.

On a Saturday at the end of May each year, the village celebrates the victory over the plague in 1720 which almost halved the villagers from 3900 to approximately 2000. A large tree is felled and carried on the shoulders of villagers with a young boy sitting on top.
The tree is carried through the village with many spectators cheering along it's route up to the church. The tree is tied upright to the church tower, and remains at the church until the middle of August.

The Etang (village pond) in Cucuron is the main meeting place for locals, and it's here the Tuesday morning market takes place. It’s a typical local Proven├žal market, which tends to grow out of all proportions during the summer.

Etang de Cucuron
Here is also the main cafe located, one of the 2 hotels and 5 of the 9 restaurants in the village. The town's only cash machine is open until 22.00. The tourist office is also nearby (next to the libriary); as are also the pharmacy, the post office,  the Cinema and the Children’s playground.

On a side street, the village butchers is located and Cucuron can also boasts of 3 bakeries and a large SPAR supermarket with lots of fresh produce. SPAR tippled it’s surface area to 300 sq.m. in 2011 and has of course good standard wines, but Cucuron's wine cooperativ has a large outlet just 100 m down the road.

The village kiosk (Tabac - Press) plays a major role in daily life.

Here you buy newspapers, magazines, guide books, maps, tobacco and confectionery. Here you can also get documents photocopied or sent off as fax. The village has also 3 hair dressers and a few shops selling local provencal products like textiles, pottery and souvenirs.

Cucuron's location at the foot of the Luberon Mountain (Mourre Negre in the background at 1125 m above sea level), and surrounded by vineyards makes it unique as a base for hiking and cycling. 4 neighboring villages are situated in different directions (nearest: Vaugines, 2 km. north-west, Ansouis 4 km south,
Cabriere d'Aigue 6 km east and Lourmarin 8 km west). Etang de la Bonde is only 6 km. eastwards and offers a 400 meter beach and good conditions for swimming (more than 500 meters accross, one way). On the lake front, you have 2 cafes.
Etang de la Bonde

Cucuron also has 2 tennis courts (book time at the tourist office) and horse riding has become a popular past time in later years (ask tourist office for further information).

Main sights in Cucuron
The tourist office in Cucuron can assist with information and brochures, also regarding the whole region; and they speak English. They can also help you with booking for example tickets, restaurants, bike rentals, etc. In the village you will find wireless internet connection (Wi-Fi) in the tourist office and at the Cafe. 
The large church is wonderful. Try to find a concert in the church or an evening Mass, it is a great experience. In the street towards the church you will find the local museum (free admission). The museum has two main sections, one with black & white photographs of the daily life in the village at the beginning of the 20th century. The second section is an archaeological collection from pre-historic times (including fossils) and a collection from more recent times (Greek and Roman).

Look at more photographs from Cucuron in Google's own public gallery.

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