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Regional Highlights - TOP 20

This is simply a list of regional highlights taken from various tourist guide books and I have made a link to Google's own public photo gallery for each highlight. Just by looking at the first few rows of photographs, you will be able to decide for yourself what you fancy.

Apart from looking at a few local markets (see Shopping for list of markets) and visiting perhaps a few of the medieval hilltop villages on the northern side of Luberon, I will recommend the following as meriting a separate journey:

1. Aix-en-Provence and Mountagne Ste Victoire (see Excursion 1)

2. Cassis and the Calanques (see Excursion 3)

3. The Roman Arena in Arles combined with the Camargues (see Excursion 4)

Here is the TOP 20 list according to the Tourist Guide books I have read, and if one does not open at once, just click on Google's blue search button:

The Vieux Port in Marseille (1h)  In fact, Marseille has transformed itself tremendously the last
                                                        10 years leading up to beeing the European cultural capital for

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